Medical Device

Personal Medical Alert Systems

  • 24/7 Assistance at the touch of a button
  • Water-resistant, long range activator
  • Supports people who choose independence
  • Connecting you to the ones you love and the ones you need
Only $29.95
per month.


With the Girling Health Care of NY Medical Alert System an individual can remain independent at home while assuring that medical and personal assistance is close at hand.

The system is comprised a of two-way voice console unit that connects to an existing phone line and a lightweight water-resistant activator, worn around the neck or wrist. If assistance is needed, simply press the button and the console unit dials the Response Center which opens a two-way voice connection with our trained response team.

When you have a Medical Alert System a subscriber profile is created containing your medical history and the names and phone numbers of the important people in your life... your family, friends, neighbors and doctors. Instant access to this vital information ensures that you receive the right care at the right time and keeps you and your loved ones in close, continual contact. Even if you are unable to speak, our response team knows who you are, where you live and who to contact.


  • Two-Way Voice Communication
    Advanced audio technology permits operator-controlled communication to better ascertain information and prompt the subscriber during an emergency.
  • Simple Connection
    Easily connects to a standard telephone jack and electrical power. No special wiring is necessary.
  • Wireless Activating Capability
    Lightweight portable activators provide freedom within any home environment.
  • 24-Hour Rechargeable Stand-by Battery
    During a power failure, the system's internal back-up battery supplies power for approximately 24 hours ensuring system functionality during a power outage.
  • Illuminated Help Button
    The HELP button is strategically located and illuminated to make accessing assistance easier.
  • Automatic Reset
    After activation, the unit automatically resets and is ready to receive another signal.
  • No Traditional On/Off Switch
    The system cannot be accidentally shut off from general handling or tampering.
  • Product Safety Approvals
    UL 1637 Home health signaling equipment
    UL 1635 Digital alarm communicator


The Girling Health Care of NY Medical Alert System was designed to provide individuals and patients with the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind and security
  • A more secure, more independent living arrangement
  • Assurance that family and providers will be notified in the event of a medical/environmental emergency
  • Rapid intervention which can reduce the severity of an emergency and increase likelihood of recovery

The Girling Health Care of NY Ready Response System Monitoring Service:

Because our users depend on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Girling Health Care of NY monitoring center uses the most advanced technology software so our service is always online and accessible.

Skilled monitoring agents
Our Monitoring agents are trained in accordance with best practice guidelines for emergency response dispatch to minimize the trauma users may experience during an emergency and properly coordinate the delivery of care, as needed.

Dual monitoring centers
Two monitoring centers in separate locations to support the service and improve reliability in the event of a natural disaster.

Multilingual capability
We maintain a 24 hour multilingual staff to meet the diverse needs of our providers and their patients.

Telephone line monitors
Telephone line monitors are used to detect and notify personnel when incoming phone lines are out of order to improve service availability.

Event and audio recording
We record and digitally archive all interactions for quality assurance and review.

How does the Girling Health Care of NY response system work?

1. When you need help, press your personal activator button
2. The two-way voice console unit automatically dials the 24-hour Response Center
3. Trained professionals who have immediate access to your personal profile will speak with you to identify the type of help you need (in English or your native language). Even if you cannot speak or cannot be heard, Walgreens Ready Response™ System immediately sends help. Whether it’s a neighbor, ambulance or family member, we'll send the appropriate help immediately.