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Client Stories

At Girling Health Care of NY we take immense pride in the service we offer to our clients. Our clients and their families let us know what our services mean to them. Below are a few of their stories.

Alexandra’s Story

“I was determined to overcome this hardship, but I couldn’t do it alone”

I built a loving home, raised wonderful children, and was finally enjoying the quiet fulfillment that comes with age. My days were predictable, just the way I liked it. During the week, I worked as an art teacher. My weekends were devoted to my granddaughter.

I spent Sunday with my Granddaughter Lucy. It was a wonderful day. We baked cookies, did some shopping, and fell asleep watching Funny Video reruns. The memories that come later that night are an awful blur.

The television woke me. I reached for the remote, but my body didn’t respond. There was a strange numbness in my arm and side. I went to sit up, but couldn’t. Panic soared through me. I wanted to scream, but all that escaped my lips was an awful string of unrecognizable sounds. That’s when I saw Lucy. She was crying, screaming my name. The fear in her eyes haunts me till today.

I had a stroke and spent quite some time in the hospital and rehabilitation center. As much as I wanted to go home, the idea was daunting. I was in a wheel chair, unable to do the simplest tasks. I was determined to overcome this hardship, but I couldn’t do it alone.

My doctor recommended Girling Health Care of NY. I had so many questions and concerns. I didn’t even know where to start. Michael, my coordinator was kind, understanding, and patiently answered all my questions. He arranged for Helen to start immediately.

Helen was a perfect match. She helped me through the toughest of times, and rejoiced with me through the happiest. Helen has been by my side for six months now, and things get easier day-by-day. In time, the simple joys of painting, or baking with my granddaughter, will again be mine.

Michael, still calls to check up on me. When I told him that I had taken a few steps with a walker, I could hear him smile. Knowing he cared made a difference – the difference that is Girling Health Care of NY.

I have come a long way in my rehabilitation and celebrated my 70th birthday last week. Helen arrived with a gift from Michael, watercolor paints and a paintbrush. The card read, ‘One fine day, you’ll get there.’

Thank You Helen.
Thank You Michael.
Thank You Girling Health Care of NY

Alexandra C. – Manhattan, NY

Paula’s Nightmare

“But over time, I realized that even a mother needs a little help sometimes”

Eric is my youngest child. He is four years old. Three months ago, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. His cancer treatments were dreadful. My husband and I struggled to keep everything together, but our family was falling apart.

A friend recommended Girling Health Care of NY to help us through Eric's treatments. At first, I believed that only a mother could understand the needs of her child. But over time, I realized that even a mother needs a little help sometimes.

Jessica was heaven sent. She is Eric's new best friend.

Thank You,

Paula M. – Forest Hills, NY

Edward’s Phone Call

“It broke my heart that I couldn't be in New York by his side”

Every morning I make a cup of coffee and call my father. It's been a morning ritual since I left home for college. Years later, with a wife and two kids, it's a phone call I cherish.

My father became very sick this year. It broke my heart that I couldn't be in New York by his side. My siblings and I tried to take turns in caring for him, but over time it proved to be too difficult both physically and financially. I researched into many home care companies, but I wasn't confident until I met a companion from Girling Health Care of NY through a friend.

Girling Health Care of NY has given my father the attention and care that he truly deserves. My father has always been there for me. I know that I've made the right choice by letting Girling Health Care of NY be there for him.

Edward Z. – Victory Lakes, NJ

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