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Specialized Therapy

Girling Health Care of NY offers a full range of in-home therapy services including physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

If you or a loved one is recovering from surgery or an injury, or you have a illness that makes it difficult for you to move around, Girling Health Care of NY provides you with the much needed therapy services to ensure that you or your loved one gets the needed treatment.

Our state-of-the-art services and a highly skilled staff are committed to treating our clients with compassionate, respectful and exceptional care.

Physical Therapy

The primary goal of physical therapy is to help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Our physical therapists will visit you in your home to help you with daily activities as well as help with reaching your physical goals.

The physical therapy services we offer is based upon our primary goal of helping you regaining your strength, have more flexibility, gaining back your balance and coordination as well as live more independently.

Physical Therapy Services Include:

  • Learn to use a walker or cain in a safe and effective way
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Getting in and out of bed or a chair
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Raise awareness about fall prevention
  • Learn about exercise programs

Speech Therapy

If you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke or accident, your speech and ability to swallow food can be adversely affected. Speech language pathologists specialize in therapy that help improve your swallowing and chewing abilities, cognitive skills and communication skills.

Girling Health Care of NY speech therapists will develop a customized program tailored to your specific condition and needs. Our speech therapy services is based upon our primary goal of helping you regain your independence and improve your quality of life.

Speech Therapy Services Include:

  • Treatment that strengthens the muscles of the neck, face and mouth to relieve issues with chewing and swallowing
  • Improve the ability to speak and process what is being said
  • Using nonverbal communication such as facial expressions or gestures as an alternate way to communicate
  • Testing the client’s ability to cope when communication is problematic
  • Setting measurable goals with the client and family

Occupational Therapy

If you or a loved one has suffered from a life-altering condition, your ability to perform simple tasks such as eating, preparing a meal, putting on clothes, bathing, or combing your hair can be adversely affected. Our occupational therapists can help you by devising a comprehensive program to regain your independence as improve your quality of life.

Occupational Therapy Services Include:

  • Improve daily activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, personal grooming and hygiene.
  • Home management techniques that help in preparing meals and handling household chores.
  • Learn to use specially designed equipment that will help you to safely complete basic tasks and activities of daily living.
  • Help speed up recovery after surgery through exercises and positioning programs.